Since 2007 more than 505,000 fourth graders, all across America rolled up their sleeves and planted a tree. 


To help revitalize a remarkable idea: Arbor Day at School


They have become members of FOURTH GRADE FORESTERS USA, a project that is designed to do just that.



In 1885 a national group of educators urged observation of Arbor Day

in the nation’s schools on the official Arbor Day of their own State.

School observations grew by leaps and bounds. Over the years, millions of children received and planted millions of seedlings, millions of seedlings that grew into millions of mature trees. Together, those trees make up a unique forest. A forest planted by generations of America's children. Please click here for a complete History of Arbor Day.



somehow the School Arbor Day tradition began to fade away and now only relatively few kids get a tree to take home and plant on their State’s Arbor Day.


It's time to reverse the decline.


Now In the era of global warming and air pollution, tree planting is even more important than ever.




Trees take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere to help reduce warming and help clean the air we breathe.


Planting trees is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to address the problem.



Please take a moment to view comments from our previous sponsors, and schools,  as well as well as some thank you cards from our students, and pictures from past Arbor Day events.




The project has four major goals.


1.  To revitalize observation of Arbor Day in America's schools on the offical Arbor Day proclaimed in their own state


2.  To send every fourth grader home with a tree of their own to plant and care for.


3.  To support employment of workers with disabilities.*


4.  To bring schools, private individuals, businesses and organizations together to have direct positive impact on the urban forests of their communities.


      * Each tree is individually packaged for distribution by workers with disabilities.



For more information on how the project works, please visit our FAQ page.  



Sponsors of the Fourth Grade Forester Project will:


1.  Build name recognition for businesses and organizations.


2.  Spotlight your organization's commitment to reducing global warming.


3.  Save marketing dollars and improve your community's perception

     of your commitment to thinking globally, acting locally.


4.  Help kids develop citizenship values and, as their tree grows, identify

     with you as the giver.




There is no fuss or muss.


There is absolutely no cost to the student,

teachers, the schools, or the school district.


The individually packaged 12 to 18-inch trees

will be available to sponsors for $1.79 per tree.


Every tree is  packaged by workers with disabilities.

The cost to provide a tree to a Fourth Grader includes:


An individually packaged 12 to 18-inch tree

recommended for growth in your state


A bag header attached to each tree featuring planting

and care instructions and a place for you to attach your


You will also be provided with a media kit that you can

provide to your local press to announce your sponsorship.


We also have educational materials available for the schools use, you

may feel free to provide them with each tree as well.



If you have any questions, or if you want to sponsor

a school of your choice, please feel free to contact us!


Program References are Available Upon Request.


Here are a couple great Arbor Day songs for you to enjoy!

For more great children's songs from The String Beans, please visit

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